About Us

CHIN-ECPAT Zambia is a Zambian non-profit that coordinates and supports organisations that work to improve the lives and futures of children in Zambia. We are a network organisation that manages donor funded projects which involve our members. We organise training and workshops to build our members' capacity and help them become more effective in improving the lives and futures of children in Zambia.

Our member organisations are based throughout the country and include orphanages, home based care groups, women's organisations, NGOs, drop-in centres, etc. More detailed information about our activities can be found on the What We Do page and more information about some of our members can be found on the Members page. Short messages about how we are improving the lives and futures of children in Zambia and other topics are on the News page. We are not finished with putting content on this site, it will be updated regularly, so please visit regularly to find out about new resources, news items, discussions and possible funding opportunities.


In 1993, by 12 organisations working to support efforts of government agencies and UNICEF identified the need to share best practice and among organisations working with the common goal of supporting children. Present day Children in Need began as a loose coalition of passionate professionals united in purpose and pursuit. The informal network started with regular meetings being held with support from UNICEF.

In 1996, the network was formalised, and an independent structure and secretariat established in Lusaka, Zambia. The network has steadily grown over the years and has since broadened its scope to current operations.

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