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CHIN-ECPAT Zambia Membership is open to all Non-Governmental Organisations, Community Based Organisations and Faith Based Organisations working to improve the welfare and uphold the rights of children in Zambia.

The basics - to be submitted with the application form.

  1. The organisation must produce a recommendation letter from the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services or the Ministry of Sport, Youth and Child Development
  2. The organisation must submit their constitution or set of rules.
  3. A copy of the certificate of registration should be submitted.
  4. The latest Annual Report
  5. A list of the governing committee/board with names, addresses and contact details.
  6. The organisation should have registered premises and a postal address.

Associate membership

This could be organisations or individuals working in the media, private sector, corporate bodies, academics and professionals, who are interested in activities that promote the best interests of the child.

Organisations that will not be considered.

  1. Political Parties
  2. Activities not in the best interests of the child
  3. An organisation that promotes illegal activities.

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