Board Members


CHIN-ECPAT Zambia is managed at to manageral level by an Executive Board. The Board is resposible for all major decision making. The Board performs:

Organizational/Executive/Functional: Not limited to but include financials, or internal communication or following up on tasks or heading committees, etc. Intended to keep the organization start functioning properly.

Oversight: Of tasks related to strategic planning, outreach, public relations, proposal writing, volunteer management, project management, reporting, etc. Members are highly involved at all levels, and are well knowledgeable with matters related to the core mandate of the organisation.

Current Board Members

  • Chairperson Rev. Aaron Chilunjika
  • Vice Chairperson Mr. Mwima Mtine
  • Secretary Mr. Geoffrey Chiyesu
  • Vice Secretary Sr. Macrina Lyunda
  • Treasurer
  • Publicity Secretary Mr. Henry Kabwe

  • Executive committee members
  • Mrs. Chileya Mufuzi
  • Mrs Dorothy Ndhlovu
  • Bishop Deca Mwenze
  • Fr. Frankwell Mwila
  • Mr. Josphat Njovu
  • Mr Armitage Mumbwali
  • Mr. Field Phiri
  • Mrs Julia Phiri

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